At Grace Pacific, the concept of “building” applies to more than just roads. We strongly believe that the success of any endeavor lies in building positive relationships both inside and outside of our company.

Being a Good Neighbor

In an effort to open the lines of communication between our community and our operations, Grace Pacific LLC has set up a “Makakilo Quarry Hotline”. The purpose of the service is to provide a point of contact for members of the community who have questions, concerns, or complaints about our quarry operations in Makakilo. The line is open 24 hours a day to receive calls. Our staff follows up on all calls and responds quickly.


Caring for the Environment

We understand that Grace Pacific is only a small part of the larger community. We are a progressive and socially responsible company dedicated to protecting human health and Hawaii’s natural beauty and resources for tomorrow and the future. We focus on methods that will prevent pollution and strive to improve all aspects of our operations in order to protect the land, ocean, and air.

We also go above and beyond applicable legal requirements to reduce particulate matter and diesel emissions generated as a result of our operations. We have implemented an environmental management system that conforms to the Standard for Environmental Management Systems and applies to our businesses, operations, facilities, and personnel. We believe these efforts will benefit our employees, their families, our customers, the community, and the place we call home, Hawaii.

Celebrating the Future

We believe young people are our future and that nurturing and rewarding their development ensures a positive community for tomorrow. Since 1997, Grace Pacific has sponsored the Outstanding Keiki Awards, an annual program that honors young people who attend Kapolei, Makakilo, Mauka Lani, and Barbers Point Elementary Schools. Teachers select 20 fifth-grade students from each school who have displayed the characteristics of good citizenship, academic excellence, leadership skills, and community service throughout the year. Those selected enjoy a fun-filled day at Camp Timberline followed by an awards dinner, all courtesy of Grace Pacific. Upon graduation from high school, the Outstanding Keiki are eligible for scholarships through the Grace Pacific Scholarship program to help further their education.

Outstanding Keiki 2009 Video

“5 Minute Limit”

Our surprisingly popular training video on reducing emissions via idling control.