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POSITION TITLE: Utility Person
COMPANY: G P Roadway Solutions
REPORTS TO: Operations Supervisor
ADDRESS: 23 Laa St., Kahului, HI 96732
DATE: August 30, 2019
POSTING: 2019-096
  1. Prepares surfaces for the application of products, including but not limited to, manual cleaning of project items with appropriate equipment and cleaning solutions or other products.
    1. Maintains good working knowledge of all products per manufacturer’s recommendations as wells as knowledge of proper application processes.
    2. Ensures completion of project by specified deadlines, or notifies supervisor of problems that may impact established schedules.
  2. Assists with the production of signs which may require various processes on different substrates.
    1. Installs products and signs as needed per customer requests. May perform pre-installation site inspections, attend pre-installation meetings, document site conditions and verify proper installation methods and material with Operations Supervisor.
    2. Performs quality control checks on installation jobs and/or reports issues to Operations Supervisor.
  3. Unloads containers and operates a forklift to move material and other items from receiving to storage or to other designated areas.
    1. Keeps accurate logs of material usage and warehouse inventory, and maintains appropriate levels of stock items.
    2. Sorts and places material on racks, shelves or in bins according to predetermined storage assignments and maintains good housekeeping within the warehouse, yard and office facilities.
    3. Assembles, prepares and delivers/ships customer orders including thorough and timely completion of forms and records in accordance with department procedures.
    4. Drives Company vehicles to delivery and pick up freight.
  4. Effectively cross-trains to perform the functions noted above.
  5. Performs other duties as assigned.
  6. Promotes awareness of and follows Company and general safety policies.
  7. Exhibits a core understanding of mutual respect and good customer service orientation in interactions with all people in the workplace.
  1. High school graduate or equivalent.
  2. Sign making, manufacturing, warehousing or construction labor experience helpful.
  3. Computer literate.
  4. Calculator helpful.
  5. Mathematical skills to calculate measurements using a measuring tape and to calculate quantities of material needed for jobs.
  6. Able to read and understand work orders and other work-related documents and forms.
  7. Ability to read blueprint helpful.
  8. Valid Hawaii driver’s license and favorable traffic abstract.
  9. Able to operate a forklift.
  10. Able to work flexible hours, as necessary.
  11. Ability to lift 50 pounds regularly and 100 pounds occasionally.
  12. Able to wear negative pressure respirator on occasion.
  13. Good eyesight and ability to distinguish colors.
  14. Geographical knowledge of the island and ability to read maps.
  15. Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills.
  16. Must be at least 21 years of age.



Note: The above reflects essential information to describe the characteristics of the job and shall not be construed as a detailed list of all job requirements, nor shall it in any way limit the right of management to assign work or direct the work force.

Base Salary Value: Based on Experience

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