POSITION TITLE: Project Engineer
COMPANY: Grace Pacific, LLC.
DEPARTMENT: Structures, Kauai
REPORTS TO: Project Manager
ADDRESS: 1000 Quarry Road, Eleele, HI 96705
DATE: June 7th,2021
POSTING: 2021-040
  1. Has a beginning understanding about the contract, bid assumptions (how the Contract was bid), plans, specifications, DBE’s, subcontracts and purchase orders.
  2. Participates in planning and scheduling process and assists with establishing project schedule.
  3. Coordinate and participate in team meetings, at which schedule key agenda times.
  4. Utilizes and interprets the schedule to assist in determining extensions or acceleration due to impacts of weather, change orders, delays etc.
  5. Is responsible for all required contractual documentation which includes; incoming/outgoing correspondence, daily reports, weekly progress, drawings, submittals, subcontracts, purchase orders, payment requests and invoices.
  6. Is responsible for the surveying function of the projects, pre-job, post-job, survey logs, and GPS modeling.
  7. Must have an understanding of the contract payment terms. Prompt and accurate preparation of application for payment, follow-up to ensure timely payment and release of retention.
  8. Is accountable for reviewing, inputting and monitoring the job quantities. These quantities are needed for cost accounting systems and Applications for Payment.
  9. Must coordinate and schedule submittal data in a timely manner. Submittal data may include show drawings, photos, material certificates, test reports.
  10. Advises Project Team of any potential changes to contract. And as directed, promptly notify owner in writing of any changes per contract.
  11. Assists Project Team with coordinating with relevant public utility companies, in securing necessary permits in advance of work dates.
  12. Assists in development of the Site Logistics Plan prior to commencement of the work.
  13. Is able to do minor drafting and editing of plans (As-Builts Temporary Traffic Control Plans, etc.) as directed by supervisor or has demonstrated the willingness and capacity to learn.
  14. Is accountable and responsible for project safety, assists Project Team in carrying out a thorough safety program.
  15. Assists the Project Team to ensure that equipment is used safely (e.g., planning critical lifts with cranes). Should help in maximizing utilization of Company equipment by being aware of what tools and equipment are being charged to the project.
  16. Ensures a safe work environment in compliance with all federal, state, local and company safety policies and procedures using appropriate tools and equipment for the task.
  17. Is responsible for coordinating the close out process in conformance with operational procedures.
  18. Understands both legal requirements and Grace Pacific’s policy requirements of our work environment is essential for Construction Engineering to function properly, and as such, He/She is required to:
    1. Learn, understand and maintain knowledge of current laws, contract requirements and Safety and Health, Environmental and Quality.
    2. Comply with such laws and policies by properly:
      1. Protecting the project, adjacent properties, and endangered species
      2. Disposing of waste materials (waste and borrow agreements)
      3. Obtaining required permits (i.e. storm water control, demolition etc.) prior to beginning work.
      4. Notifying utility Owners
      5. Responding to and documenting any environmental incidents
  19. Perform all other duties as assigned.
  1. Degree in engineering, preferably in structural, mechanical or civil specialties preferred, or equivalent work experience.
  2. One to two years of work experience at the Junior Construction Engineer Level, or equivalent work experience.
  3. Competency with Word, Excel, Email and aptitude to learn relevant systems.
  4. Math aptitude to perform daily tasks.
  5. Ability to read and comprehend contract documents, job specifications, blueprints, and other technical and/or legal information.
  6. Valid Hawaii driver’s license and favorable traffic abstract.
  7. Ability to work independently and ensure completion of job in a timely manner.
  8. Excellent organizational, communication, documentation and interpersonal skills



Note: The above reflects essential information to describe the characteristics of the job and shall not be construed as a detailed list of all job requirements, nor shall it in any way limit the right of management to assign work or direct the work force.

Base Salary Value: Based on Experience

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