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POSITION TITLE: Production Supervisor
COMPANY: G P Roadway Solutions
REPORTS TO: Peterson Sign Company Manager
ADDRESS: 660 Mapunapuna Street, Honolulu, HI 96819-2031
DATE: March 9, 2020
POSTING: 2020-25
  1. Plans, supervises, directs and engages in daily production operations to ensure the timely and efficient production of all sign and graphic products. Responsible for addressing production issues such as material shortages, rush orders, equipment malfunctions, etc. to minimize loss time while production and quality objectives are achieved.
  2. Responsible for planning and directing all projects, and general manufacturing. Ability to work with Customers, general contractors, sub contractors, architects and designers, as well as government agencies to ensure that all job-site requirements and guidelines are met.
  3. Works closely with the Manager and Sales/Estimating Staff to help increase production, minimize errors, establish proper communication on deadlines, specialty pricing and other production issues. Informs all division managers of any changes that may affect deadlines and/or cost.
  4. Monitors, maintains and sets inventory levels to ensure adequate supplies are consistently available.
  5. Responsible for maximizing production through the use of equipment layout, assembly techniques, installation methods, man-hour tracking, and other labor related issues.
  6. Periodically reviews sub contractors, vendors, materials, methods, tools/equipment and software to remain current on industry standards for design, production and installation.
  7. Instructs, trains, orients, motivates and generally assists employees so that production objectives are met.
  8. Establishes quality control guidelines.
  9. Supervises safety and housekeeping practices to ensure any hazardous conditions are immediately identified and corrected.
  10. Maintains and oversees updating of Pricing Templates and all other internal administrative tools.
  11. Instructs and guides graphic team members on technical submittal drawings to conform to engineer’s/architect’s specifications and compliance with federal standards including the MUTCD and ADA guidelines.
  12. Works with the Graphic Department to initiate conceptual design direction toiling with sales objectives.
  13. Performs other duties as assigned.
  14. Promotes awareness of and follows Company and general safety policies.
  15. Exhibits a core understanding of mutual respect and good customer service orientation in interactions with all people in the workplace.
  1. Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  2. 1 year production experience in a similar operation with supervisory responsibilities preferred.
  3. Working knowledge of Word, Excel, Email, graphic arts programs; aptitude to learn in-house systems; keyboarding skills sufficient to complete daily tasks in a timely manner.
  4. 10 key, various office machines, general knowledge of office operations.
  5. Excellent interpersonal skills for effective internal and external communications
  6. Valid Hawaii driver’s license and favorable traffic abstract.
  7. Excellent organizational and documentation skills.
  8. Able to work occasional late hours.



Note: The above reflects essential information to describe the characteristics of the job and shall not be construed as a detailed list of all job requirements, nor shall it in any way limit the right of management to assign work or direct the work force.

Base Salary Value: Based on Experience

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