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POSITION TITLE: Assistant to Engineer-5J
DEPARTMENT: Trucking, Oahu
REPORTS TO: Trucking Superintendent, Oahu
ADDRESS: 949 Kamokila Blvd., Kapolei, HI 96707
DATE: June 1,2020
POSTING: 2020-46
  1. Fastens chain and binders to secure load on trailer before transit
  2. Loads and unloads, assists low boy driver; directs truck to the loading and unloading position
  3. Ensures truck loading and unloading areas are clear of hazards and is safe to perform work
  4. Services truck with oil, fuel, radiator fluid as needed
  5. Inventories and inspects equipment to be moved on truck log according to Federal Highways Regulations (free of rubbish, debris or loose objects)
  6. Understands and has complete knowledge of truck loading requirements and regulations
  7. Escorts and assists low boy driver with safe lane changes of the lowboy tractor/trailer
  8. Inspects escort truck before and after trips; submits report indicating truck condition
  9. Reviews routes prior to equipment movement for structure (bridges) clearance, road widths, and heavy traffic gridlock
  10. For the safe loading and unloading of equipment, the use of hand signals will be required as a form of communication between the assistant to engineer and lowboy driver
  11. Provides information to Supervisor, low boy operator in both verbal and written form
  12. Performs day to day administrative tasks such as maintaining information files and processing paperwork
  13. Observes, receives, and obtains information from all relevant sources related to the movement of equipment including permits
  14. Develops constructive and cooperative working relations with others and maintains them over time
  15. Follows safety rules and policies to ensure safe operating conditions are followed within the area of responsibility, wears required personal protective equipment / clothing, and keeps work area in a clean and orderly condition
  1. High school graduate or equivalent preferred.
  2. CDL Type A required and favorable traffic abstract.
  3. Ability to read roadmaps
  4. Ability to see details at a distance, close range and in low light conditions
  5. Ability to quickly respond to a signal (sound, light, picture) when it appears
  6. Ability to know your location in relation to the environment or to know where other objects are in relation to you
  7. Ability to communicate verbally information and ideas
  8. Ability to deal with a wide variety of people in a positive manner; possess excellent customer service skills
  9. Ability to work flexible hours, overtime, nights, holidays, and weekends as required by jobs.
  10. Must be at least 21 years of age.



Note: The above reflects essential information to describe the characteristics of the job and shall not be construed as a detailed list of all job requirements, nor shall it in any way limit the right of management to assign work or direct the work force.

Base Salary Value: Based on Experience

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